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Pretty cool: Turn your hand into a mobile phone

21 Oct

Researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University in the US have developed technology that can turn any surface (your body, table, wall) into a touchscreen; a device called OmniTouch.

OmniTouch is obviously only at concept stage; you wear the device on your shoulder, similar to Kinect technology. However, I can see lots of potential for this.

(original story thanks to Simply Zesty)


Some positive things about us Irish…

10 Oct

Why the Irish?

Video produced by IBEC. Really reiterates the fact that we should be a lot more positive and harness the talents we do have!

‘Love Match’ Facebook campaign

29 Sep

I stumbled across this on LinkedIn – a Facebook campaign from the Clanard Court Hotel (which I never heard of before)

When you land on their Facebook page and ‘like’ it, you are brought to a Facebook app and shown a number of video interviews with different men and women. Based on their answers about their fiancé, you have to match the couples up. The couple who are matched the most win a free wedding and there are also weekly prizes for the people who guess the couples correctly.

Very creative concept from a relatively small hotel in a difficult market.

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