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27 Dec

I’m not sure if the term ‘iNsomnia’ has been invented before – the inability to sleep due to the unexplained desire to check your iPhone/iPad just before going to sleep but surely since the invention of these devices people are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off, or is it just me?

The last thing I do before I go to sleep is check my iPhone. I don’t know why. I put it on charge, it’s next to me so it’s an involuntary action to have one last look at Twitter or Facebook or a news app or whatever. I cant explain why I do it but I do know that it’s keeping me awake (hence this post) and I was just wondering if iNsomnia was becoming more widespread? If someone was to do a survey tomorrow of iPhone owners across the world it wouldn’t surprise me if it showed that we are all getting a little less sleep, I mean, this glaring light isn’t helping for one…

The wider issue is of course our inability to switch off from technology but I suspect, with our increasing reliance and use of smartphones, iNsomnia could have serious consequences on our health and relationships.

Do you agree?



Pretty cool: Turn your hand into a mobile phone

21 Oct

Researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University in the US have developed technology that can turn any surface (your body, table, wall) into a touchscreen; a device called OmniTouch.

OmniTouch is obviously only at concept stage; you wear the device on your shoulder, similar to Kinect technology. However, I can see lots of potential for this.

(original story thanks to Simply Zesty)

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