Niche: Last minute flower delivery service?

25 Jan

I’ve had really bad experiences with florists the last few times I’ve tried to order. Sometimes the flowers turned out to be half the size of the picture online but mostly because you have to order well in advance, by 6 hours in some cases. I had forgotten a birthday (oops) and at 3 o’clock decided to send some flowers for 630pm delivery. After ringing 7 florists in Dublin, not one of them would deliver for me (one was a journey time of 5 minutes). Some make you order before 3pm, some 12pm! for same day delivery. I just find it bizarre, are the flowers not already in bouquets there beside them? And (sorry guys) but most of you leave present buying (and ‘I’m sorry’ presents) until the very last minute so you need the service more than us girls. Also, when ordering flowers online, why isn’t the delivery cost added in? I realised it would have been a lot cheaper to buy a big, gorgeous bouquet on the street and get a taxi driver to deliver but my laziness gave in. So if anyone is looking for a business opportunity out there, Last Minute Florists Inc.

Rant over.


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