Nice idea from ‘Wheelz’ – ‘campus car sharing’

4 Oct

I stumbled across this on Mashable

Wheelz is a new car sharing service in the US which connects students who own a car to students who need a car.

Launched last week, it’s focused on colleges and universities and lets students rent a car from other student-car-owners for an hourly or daily fee.

Renters sign up with their college email address and their Facebook account to reserve cars either through the Wheelz Facebook page, online, or through their iPhone app. You have to have a Facebook account to hire, which means you know exactly who you are renting your car out to.

Car owners set the price for rental (based on how new their car is etc) and they get 60% of the rental fee.

I’m not sure car owners would make a fortune but for cash strapped students it’s an easy way to make money and it satisfies a need for car-less students.

It’s a really simple idea and the branding is really good. The fact that it’s launching into existing communities means that it’s more likely to succeed and the startup has achieved $2 million in funding. I wonder if colleges in Ireland will see a similar service in the future.


One Response to “Nice idea from ‘Wheelz’ – ‘campus car sharing’”

  1. (@gowheelz) October 5, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    Thanks Suzanne, we appreciate the support. Maybe we’ll get to Ireland someday…. 😉

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