The new Facebook ‘Subscribe’ button

3 Oct

Facebook recently launched a ‘Subscribe’ button (beside the ‘Message’ button) that lets you see publicly visible status updates from people who you aren’t friends with; a bit like following someone on Twitter.

When you subscribe to someone who is already your friend, you can choose how much of his or her content you want to receive; from All updates to Important updates only (like when they get a new job)

It sounds a bit complex; perhaps good for celebs and journalists who want to get their news out there to everyone all of the time but under the new feature, you can unfriend someone but they can still ‘subscribe’ to you. Stalkers delight perhaps…?

In saying that, you don’t have to subscribe to anyone and you can disable your own subscribe button. It sounds like a copycat of Google + which is a copycat of Twitter which is a copycat of…

We’ll watch how it goes.


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