The Future Of Email According To Teens

30 Sep

This infographic is thanks to @CavanaghsCork and was produced by

I feel very old talking about ‘those teenagers’ but some of the stats in the infographic did surprise me.  I suppose us grown ups use email 12 hours + a day and for me, my iPhone goes off every couple of minutes telling me I’ve mail.

41% of teenagers asked said that they are unsure of email’s future.

That’s a pretty big number. Most of the students though (57%) agreed that email was good for business communication. In my job, email is crucial and core to nearly everything I do but I do think in the future we will see more and more companies using cloud computing; sharing files and ideas online. I try to share files on Google docs so that changes can be made in real time and so that there aren’t 7 versions of the same document floating around. If I have to ask someone a question who I know is on Twitter, I’ll DM them. If I want to chat with a friend and I know they’re on Facebook, I’ll probably chat to them through Facebook if I see they’re online.

People have to start using emailing more effectively. We all know how annoying it is when you get an email marked ‘FYI’ or ‘Urgent’ and after reading what seemed like a short novel, you discover that just one sentence is relevant to you. We should be linking this information online and stop giving people so much work to do.

What I did find surprising is that 23% of students ‘didn’t think email can be accessed by mobile devices.’ Really!? Have they been hiding under a rock or do very few high school students own smartphones?

Anyway, email isn’t dead but I think we’ll be relying on it a bit less in the future.


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